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But, Stephanie was the only woman that Philip wanted. But, before they could enjoy their engagement, Stephanie became the latest target in the Di Mera/Kiriakis feud.

EJ ordered Owen Kent to kidnap Stephanie, which he did.

Stephanie knew that Philip was the real father, but kept quiet so that Melanie wouldn't leave Philip.

When the truth came out and Nathan found out that Stephanie had kept the secret, he broke up with her.

(paternal cousin) Joey Kiriakis (paternal cousin; via adoption) Victor Kiriakis II (paternal cousin; via adoption) Jackson "Sonny" Kiriakis (paternal cousin) Shawn-Douglas Brady (maternal half-cousin) Chelsea Brady (maternal half-cousin) Zack Brady (maternal half-cousin; deceased) Ciara Brady (maternal half-cousin) Earl Duke Johnson (paternal great-uncle) Eric Brady (maternal great-uncle) Molly Brady (maternal great-aunt) Colleen Brady (maternal great-aunt; deceased) Colin Murphy (maternal first cousin, once removed; deceased) Ryan (maternal first cousin, once removed; deceased) Will Horton (maternal first cousin, once removed; deceased) John "Johnny" Roman Di Mera (maternal first cousin, once removed) Alice "Allie" Caroline Horton (maternal first cousin, once removed) Sydney Di Mera (maternal first cousin, once removed) Unnamed Baby Reed (maternal first cousin, once removed) Tate Brady (maternal first cousin, once removed) Claire Brady (maternal first half-cousin, once removed) Arianna Grace Horton (maternal first cousin twice removed) Convinced her friend, Ian, to hack into St.

Ann's Hospital data base and access the results of Chloe's paternity test.

Stephanie was so jealous of Max and Morgan that she went out one night to a party and went home with Ford Decker.

She took an internship at Titan and began working with Philip Kiriakis. Stephanie supported Philip through his mother's cancer and soon the two began dating.She insisted that Philip break off all ties with his father. Philip tried to get her back and the two reconciled for a brief time.But, Stephanie broke up with Philip for good when she learned that he had slept with Melanie during one of the periods when he and Stephanie were on a break.Stephanie didn't know how to deal with the rape; and, despite the fact that Ford continued to drug and rape other women on campus, Stephanie could not find it in herself to testify against him.Instead, Stephanie conspired with her sorority sisters to lure Ford to their house and drug him to teach him a lesson. Stephanie even helped Max find his biological sister, Melanie, in France.

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